A Multitude of Blogs

— 2 minute read

So, I've been busy of late. Lots of my time has been highjacked, pleasantly it must be said, by putting together promotional blogs for work. I figured I'd mention a few of the projects here.

One of the lecturers in English, Jackie Gay, is aiming to be on the Paralympic Sailing Team for Great Britain. So I put together a site in Wordpress for her. I'm quite pleased with the results, though I've just noticed there's still a problem with the CSS in Safari. Sigh. Will have to fix that tomorrow.

Given that it's for a paralympic bid is has to look nice to attract sponsors and be accessible. It's pretty much a heavily modified (hat tip to Bruce's nice summary) Wordpress install.

Interesting side note. I was just testing if the tab order and the hidden skip nav in Safari. How annoying is it that you have to enable tabbing through page elements in Safari's preferences before it'll work.

Similarly, the School of Property, Construction and Planning is celebrating 50 years of teaching planning in Birmingham. As part of those celebrations, we've put together a fun archive site with all kinds of nostalgia, photos and archives.

Called, unsurprisingly, Planning is 50. Mainly interesting if you're into Planning education, but some of the historic pictures of Birmingham's postwar reconstruction are worth a look for local interest.