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Geek in the Park 2008 – The Return

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

It would be remiss of me not to point all web design and development folks from the UK at the Geek in the Park 2008 site. Held in Leamington Spa on Satruday 9th August, and organised by the Multipack (most of the work by Trev and Lloydyweb ).

The event, last run in 2006, is a two part affair. In the afternoon there’s a picnic and general social, bring tea, cake, sandwiches, jam and your family. The evening is a talk on professional web design and development topics. Last time, Bruce and Patrick talked about Pragmatic Accessibility. This year, well, I know who’s been contacted, but it’s not confirmed so I’m keeping stum.

4 Responses to “Geek in the Park 2008 – The Return”

  1. Phil Wilson noted:

    Waaaaay off topic, but I saw in your bookmarks you tagged the York portal stuff as “universities just don’t get it” (or something similar).

    Care to expound? (FWIW I don’t like portals generally, mostly because they seem to be implemented for the sake of having a portal, but wondered if you had any deeper thoughts)

  2. Matt noted:

    Hi Phil, no problem with the tangent. There’s a lot mixed up in that tag, which has been bubbling under in my draft posts for while. I’ve still not quite fermented my thoughts on the matter.

    Fundamentally, there’s a problem with the approach to the web in HE. It boils down to a combination of IT departments trying (and failing) to do a web departments work, not looking outside of the HE sphere enough, low expectations and utter failure to invest in a user-centric approach to design.

    That research just seemed another example of asking the wrong people the wrong questions. Plus the word Portal makes me cringe. It’s so very 1998… ;)

  3. Phil Wilson noted:

    I should say that I work in “web services” at the university of bath ;)

    I agree with you though.

    I’d like to see someone post a critical response of this report along the lines you suggest in “asking the wrong people the wrong questions” but I don’t think I know enough on the topic to do it myself :(

    Fancy giving it a go? ;)

    Or if not, fancy emailing me a brain-dump of all those thoughts that are bubbling around?

  4. Matt noted:

    I’ll try and compose my thoughts some more, and either email you or write a new post here.