Is it really five years since glasshaus?

— 2 minute read

Five years ago glasshaus went the way of the dodo. I swear it seems like it was yesterday...  I was working there as a technical editor at the time, a diversion from web development following a dot-com redundancy. I was hoping publishing would be more stable. Somewhat ironic, considering.

It was a great job. It'd flown me to the USA for Web Design World '02 and shoved me into the deep end with standards (hey, you can't edit folks work without knowing the subject inside out). I was working with great folks like ChrisBruce and Simon and helping edit great books.

To say it had an impact would be an understatement. It left me with an abiding passion for web standards and accessibility in particular. I was gutted when in came to an end.

Five years on standards and usability are more the norm than ever before. It's easier to learn the right ways straight off. Looking at the state of web development today there's a seam of glasshaus running through it. Hell, I remember a meeting where we decided to start using the term Web Professional for our audience, and that seems to have stuck.