Is this thing on? Hello?

— 1 minute read

Ah, wait... Hold on a sec, the stabiliser's gone. Damn valves!

*sounds of banging*

That's better. Those PNG lads require a bit of wrangling. Had to solder some bits on behind, and re-route to a different parallel for those Internet Explorer 6 chaps (61.85.13 for those who understand such things). Can't have them thinking things are broken, just because they insist on living in the last century!

*Sounds of dangerous creaking.*

Ahem! Where was I? Oh, yes, this is my new-look place on this here ether-web. It goes by the name of Neo-Victorian Glass, a theme somewhat steampunk, somewhat victoriana, somewhat something else... It may well be held together by sheer bloody-mindedness. Do let me know if you spot any gaps, eh?