Liveblogging : Encouraging Student Centred Interaction Online

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I'm at this wonderful event. For more information see the wiki. My commentary is in brackets tagged - MM.

10:15 - Ruth on Facebook for induction, social cohesion 10: 22 - Perceived Benefits - meeting people before it started. Managing expectations.

"Talking to people makes it more real..."

10:25 - Know the students before they arrive, they're not brand new. Additional level of contact. 10:26 - "I don't like facebook", not everybody wants to join. Not an academic space. How much intervention? 10:28 - Served a very specific purpose. Use stopped after induction. (Task focused? - MM) 10:29 - More next time. Multimedia competition. More detail, understanding student unfamiliarity.

10:30 - Charlotte Carey on Twitter and Delicious. 10:21 - The great migration. 10:32 - What are you doing? Had only met Jon via Twitter, now they're writing a paper. 10:34 - Following small business network. Giving students access to role models. Getting them into social circles. 10:37 - Student to Alumni to Professional. Feeding in.

Chris Ringrose on blogging in children's literature course.

10:45 - Blog space on Blackboard (not sterling interface design - MM). Students are talking about their reading and research. 10:48 - Using audio feedback. (Very interesting idea - MM) 10:49 - Prompts, exercises. (Seeding the conversation, very wise - MM) 10:50 - Assessed blogs. Engaging with material over course. Writing and feedback on how they write. Time consuming to mark. Needs assessment as stick to make students do it. 10:53 - Word limit? Blog overload? Not scholarly?

Matt Gee on Webcorp's new annotation wiki. Derek Littlewood on Using it.

10:59 - Used in Irish writing module. Annotating interesting language use, highlighting elements. 11:03 - Pink tags for questions. (Accessibility issue? Wonder what fallbacks? - MM) 11:05 - Linking to audio.

Sonya Andermahr - Blogging

11:10 - Prompts. Choose which they use. 6 tasks to get students writing. (Avoiding the tyranny of the blank page - MM) 11:13 - Design to develop a particular skill. (Very good, task-focused interaction design approach, work back from the aim to the tasks you create. - MM) 11:14 - Again, work intensive marking as a downside. 40 students x 6 blogs, can be work. editing tool not ideal (Again, institutional choices of VLE can be a big interaction problem - MM) 11:15 - Issues. Level of formality. Academic writing difficult in blogs? (Maybe move to Wiki and get others to edit posts with regard to academic style? - MM) . Word pasting problems. Missed deadlines. 11:17 - Source + Referencing improvements.

Ruby Renning- Second Life. 11:18 - MSc eLearning. Second life "It's the one most people know about". 11:20 - Virtual Campus. Bringing staff together. 11:22 - Avatars and chat. Savable. Authenticity. 11:26 - Chat room... 11:27 - Identity. Potential of Roleplay to address. (Should show them the Steal Away Jordan Storygame if they're interested in this - MM) 11:30 - Interlopers. Being polite.