@media 07 - Design and Development in Equal Measure

— 1 minute read

I'll probably write some more coherant thoughts later, but suffice to say I think this year's @media was pretty good. I enjoy it as a chance to meet like minds and discuss ideas, this year I found myself really grooving on the presentations too. Possibly it's ideally pitched at my eclectic skillset.

On the design side, I really enjoyed Jon Hick's Creative Sponge talk, which was a great summary of pulling together diverse inspirational elements and a nice insight on his creative process. Jason Santa Maria's Devilish Details talk was a great look at core design principles. Mark Boulton's Typography presentation was a look at type through a martial arts lense.

Over in the development world Dan Webb's Javascript talk included a few nice details (including one very tasty testing and debugging tool) and Nate Koechley did a sterling job on high performance sites.

I got to catch up with a few folks. Special shoutout to Simon Mackie, one of my old colleagues from glasshaus who was over here representing Sitepoint (and who provided me with an elegant orange T-Shirt).