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My blog had an accident and woke up in 1973…

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Note: This post dates from pre-redesign and is now outdated.

So, as you may have noticed, I have a new site design. Woo! Yay!

I blame the design entirely on watching too much Life on Mars, which, if you haven’t watched, is a throughly ace homage to 70s cop shows / not quite timetravel / social commentary TV show.

As I’m a bit rushed, it probably breaks in a dozen things I haven’t got quick access to. So if you spot any obvious horrors, drop me a comment below.

9 Responses to “My blog had an accident and woke up in 1973…”

  1. Darren noted:

    I think the design is very nice. I think I should point oyut that in FF the comment form is a bit off. To be precise the name field is pushed to the right.

  2. Owen noted:

    Brown/tan/red are the new black. And rounded corners will never go out of style. Now where’s that Tyrannosaurus Rex LP..?

  3. Matt noted:

    Thanks both!

    @Darren – Which version of FF are you seeing the problem in?

  4. Stef Lewandowski noted:

    I’m seeing lots of compression artefacts in the middle of the boxes – go PNG instead?

  5. Matt noted:

    Thanks Stef. Good to meet you at Multipack!

    There’s a few oddments, I may have to re-export it (and sort out the mildly misaligned footer). That said, some of it is the original image behind the blocks.

  6. Si Jobling noted:

    I might be a little late on the comments but I like it! Retro coloured square are certainly looking very 1970s. It’s good to see where the rounded corner originated from. ;)

    I am noticing some weird compression-like effect on some of the boxes on the right and in the header. Saying that though, it looks quite cool. It gives it that sort of “worn” look.

  7. Matt noted:

    Hmm. Well that clinches it. Looks like the background behind the blocks is too subtle for its own good.

    I shall definitely do a revised version in pure colour.

  8. JJ07 noted:

    I like the layout, nice and simple, the round boxes give it a modern but clean feel.

    Top Work :) Look forward to seeing you at MultiPack.

  9. Matt noted:

    Cheers JJ.

    You’re seeing the new version now, with some of the oddities sorted.