Web 2.0 and Libraries

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Reading : How very Library 1.0Part of my job is working for Evidence Base, who do research and information gathering for libraries and the public sector. Mostly it involves building online surveys and an exicting new community of practice site.

However, next week they're running a conference on Web 2.0, Libraries and Teenagers called Inspiring the iGeneration. I'll be speaking about the perils and possibilities of modern web applications, which'll be a bit about my own experiences with online communities and a bit about web best practices. Ideally it'll show that you can't just slap a gradient on something, call it a blog or wiki and expect people to engage, or at least that's the plan. I'll let you know when I finish the slides... Hopefully it won't involve too much buzzword bingo.

So anyway, as I plan my slides, it occured to me to ask you folks out in blog land what you consider to be the archetypal perils and pitfalls in the modern web world? Not so much in a development way, but in a process and social dynamics way. I have my own ideas from a few years of supporting staff in e-learning and how we encourage freshers to use that system, but I'd be interested to hear other tales.

So, if you were going to give people a map of web 2.0, which areas would you mark with "Danger!"