What would you build to save the planet?

— 2 minute read

That's the rather broad, but exciting, question that Multipack are attempting to answer tomorrow. Let me explain...

The whole thing began back at the Multipack Presents event last year, Being Green, where Paul gave a presentation about his frustrations with waste in the web industry (particularly conferences like SXSW and their regularly-binned goodie bags). Paul envisioned a grassroots coalition of webby types working together to reduce our environmental impact.

After some brainstorming amongst interested parties the name a.green:focus stuck, yeah it's a CSS joke, but that's endearing right?

Tomorrow's event has taken a while to organise, but Hack the Planet is something I'm genuinely excited about. The concept is simple, run a Hack Day, where the objective is to build something to lessen our impact on the environment.  There's a lot of talented people descending on Brum to put our brains together and build ... something. The exciting part is we don't yet know what! Oh sure, there's ideas floating about like the virtual conference goodie bag, but somebody might suggest something awesome at 10am that gets everybody fired up and takes on a life of its own. That's the fun of it!

It's not just a local thing, which is nice, Cole has chipped in by designing the poster for the event and the nice foks at Campagn Monitor are sponsoring. It's got that nice feeling of an event where people pull together.

Final details are here, if you fancy coming and helping build something in a day.