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Who is this guy?

Lesser Spotted Web DeveloperEclectic Dreams is the blog of Matt Machell; A forty-something web developer living in Birmingham, UK.

I make websites of all shapes and sizes. I spent the dotcom years designing sites selling antiques. I designed the glasshaus website way back when. I worked at Birmingham City University on assorted digital transformation projects including the complete redesigns of their intranet and website. I spent several years as a Senior Developer at TalisCapita Libraries, building software as a service search tools and back-office systems. I’m now a Technical Architect for the Office of the Public Guardian.

I like elegant and usable design with a great visual impact. I do some mean CSS and Javascript, know a lot about accessibility. I’ve been known to do server-side stuff in the area of RESTful web services. Some have commented that I have an Eclectic skillset, hence the name of this blog.

Speaking and Training

I’ve been known to talk at conferences, though I’m more often found as a delegate. I also teach semi-regular training sessions on standards and accessibility for Media Skills. I’ve also talked at Multipack Presents concerning ARIA and Standards with ASP.NET, Geolocation for parents and retrofitting adaptive design. Given that I work with library catalogue systems day to day, you may see me talk about enhancing their interfaces.

Go see my slideshare stuff.


I’ve worked on a number of web-related books as technical editor, lead editor or reviewer. You may remember me from such works as:

Most of this stuff is quite old now…